The Metal Press

I love the technical aspect within printmaking, sculpture and metal casting- but it has only been in the last couple of years that I have had the opportunity for ‘play’. I inherited an etching press which at first gave me new incentives to explore once again the medium, having studied sculpture and printmaking as a degree in 1990.

Having created The Metal Press, which casts things made into sculpture and jewelery, it has expanded my ideas in so many directions – but always it leads me back to simple enjoyment and engagement with things I love, a wonder with the natural world and a love of objects.

I would like to explore some reproductions of objects next year – or parts of them that I can create sculptures with. What was it about ‘ a machine that can make lace’, just something to marvel at and I hope it never stops. The metal casting is really about printmaking for me too – editions. Facebook : The Metal Press