Tara McSweeney

I began making jewellery as a small child, and have pursued this craft in various forms ever since. As a teenager I experimented mainly with wirework, but in recent years I have focused more on learning beadweaving techniques. This wonderful craft appeals to my love of pattern, my love of vibrant colour, and my love of dainty, precise details. One of the things I enjoy most about working with seed beads is that they can be used to make three-dimensional shapes that are either geometric or curved or both. I also love the tactile element of beadwork – it can be quite slinky and smooth to the touch, and feels lovely to wear.

Beadweaving generally requires hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny glass ‘seed’ beads. Usually, they will be stitched one by one – this requires many, many hours, much patience and very good lighting!

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