Rosemarie Barr

I’m a ceramic artist, and am still exploring the medium and how different clays and glazes change the nature of the object.

Currently working and exploiting the anthropomorphic nature of jugs.  Some of the most ancient ceramics in the world took the form of birds or women.  Nobody knows why.  I like to think that since these items were found in tombs they were somehow connected to the journey to the other world or spirit world.  Descendants of this idea, that we all know are the holy dove and the phoenix, but there are many examples of bird’s connection to death or the prophesy of death in folk lore.  Bran’s crows sat on his shoulders during battle, the Romans said that the Britons had crows that foretold the outcome of a battle and we all know that when the Ravens leave the Tower of London it will be the end of us all.

The anthropomorphic jug was a symbol of re-generation, of being re-born.  My lady jugs usually have an ample shape, and are symbols of fecundity and fertility.  The crow jugs are less optimistic, possibly contain some deadly elixir, are not meant as milk jugs but more as vases that should contain flowers to contemplate and connect you to the spirit world.  Owls are ghostly spirits that fly silently through the night or… watch and wait.  I’m working on the idea of a night light using translucent porcelain or bone china.

‘Seven ages of me,’ is one piece that depicts my journey through life so far.  What comes next?