TAMSIN YOUNG up-cycled hats & textiles

Tamsin YoungMID-WALES

Tamsin is a ‘child of the woods’, her upbringing in mid Wales allowed plenty of time playing and working outdoors helping her dad on the farm, gathering inspiration from natural surroundings, and was always busy making things out of what was around her.

Nothing much has changed since then really!….apart from having moved away for a while putting energies into making and selling hats, and then running away to ‘join the circus’! Having moved back locally and with not so much call for costume making and performances on stilts, she decided to again create beautiful work with what she had around her…So, now Tamsin happily makes beautiful Velvet scarves, as well as Garments and Hats from previously loved clothes and blankets…turning them into unique items with a new lease of life.